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  • Lambs Liver


    Lambs Liver is very underrated, a truly great dish with fried onions and rich gravy. Classic Liver & Onions with Rich Gravy One of my favourite dishes and so quick to cook. Serves 4, Cooking time 15 mins 500 grams lamb liver sliced 50 grams bacon lardons or our dry cured bacon sliced into little…

  • The Wensleydale Lamb Box


    Lamb from Dale to Doorstep ! Based in the Yorkshire Dales National park up at the top of Wensleydale, we are amongst some of the most stunning landscapes in Britain. Sheep have been farmed in a traditional manner and little has changed for hundreds of years. Our sheep are grazed on meadowland, moorland grasses, wild…

  • Heather Fed Lamb Box


    Traditionally lambs would be turned away to the fell from May through till early winter to graze on the heather and moorland grasses. This practice dates back centuries and some say the taster is sweeter. My Gran was a big believer and would always insist on heather fed lamb.

  • The Yorkshire Shepherdess Lamb Box


    Exclusive to The Wensleydale Butcher !! Fresh from Ravenseat Farm, the home of Clive and Amanda Owen, we are proud to offer the finest quality Swaledale Lamb Meat Boxes. The sheep roam and graze upon some of the highest pastures and heather moors of Swaledale and the slow maturing lambs are tender, flavoursome and lean….