About Us

At the Wensleydale Butcher we are blessed by the natural quality of our surroundings in the Yorkshire Dales and the dedication of the famers and farming communities on our doorstep.

We buy all our stock locally from farmers we know and trust to provide the welfare assurance and sustainable development of top-quality native breeds that ensures the provenance of all the meat we supply.

 The Wensleydale Butcher


We process everything locally ourselves, ensuring the highest levels of welfare standards and humane treatment to minimise stress on the stock and to reduce our carbon footprint. Our Master Butcher (Number 31 in the World) is a member of the Butcher’s Guild and the Worshipful Company of Butchers, and has been a leading light for humane treatment within the butchery world for over 40 years. His depth of knowledge and experience ensures that only the finest cuts are prepared for your table.




Then we package your produce beautifully and deliver it direct to your door.

That way you can buy with the confidence that every step of the way, from farm selection, through ethical and humane handling, to our Master Butchery, and the unbeatable quality and taste of our produce, you will experience no finer dining experience.