Martin McIntyre

CEO, Co-Founder 

The Wensleydale Butcher has from a very young age, had a great understanding of livestock. Martin was awarded Master Butcher status in 2018 and is number 31 in the world. He is a qualified animal welfare officer with the University of Bristol and truly believes in the connection that livestock kept in the best environment to which they are most adapted will produce the finest meat for the table.

He has worked within butchery for over 40 years and the depth of knowledge gained is evident in the quality of the meats The Wensleydale Butcher supplies.

Working with Farmers in the Dales selecting native breed cattle and lambs for their ability to convert all that sweet meadow and upland grasses into the finest dining experience.

He is also a member of York Butchers Guild and the Worshipful Company of Butchers in London.

Lindsey McIntyre

CEO, Co-Founder 

Lindsey is the company secretary and runs all of the back office functions at The Wensleydale Butcher. A “hands on” and “can do” attitude ensures orders arrive fresh to your door.

She also runs a successful sheepskin rug business,
The Wensleydale Sheepskin Rug Company.